It is my great pleasure to be a part of the Sangrur Central Cooperative bank Ltd, Sangrur. This bank was established in 1951. The Banking industry is expected to play a pivotal role in translating into action the Government of India's Policy of inclusive growth. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. With the ever increasing number of small and marginal farmers and hence increasing informal tenancy, developing aggregation models for financing, agronomic practices, input supply, use of equipments, marketing and processing are immediately required. We need to work towards converting PACS into multi functional entities so that all members automatically think of their PACS whenever they think about products and services. The unflinching and unparalleled support extended by our customers, depositors, clients, shareholders, well wishers, etc. has always been and shall continue to be the source of encouragement and motivation for us to excel and deliver performance of high standards. We hope to play a significant role in contributing to the growth story of a resurgent India.

  Ramit Singal         
District Manager